The best types of gold

The best types of gold

Gold is different and diverse, although not everyone knows it. Gold is one of the most important precious metals that circulates among humans. It exists in nature in one form, but when it is formed and formulated, it is mixed with other materials. According to its color or based on the proportion of gold that exists in the formula or alloy.

The most important and best types of gold

  The types of gold vary in color, and it is worth mentioning that there are four main colors of gold, which is composed of several other colors, and the following are the four main types and their contents of metals.


This color is natural for gold. When gold is formulated, it is mixed with other metals to make it stronger and resistant to scratching and breaking. Therefore, jewelry does not require much maintenance. Yellow gold can be obtained by mixing gold with silver, zinc and copper.  

the White

  For white gold it is mixed with white metal. These include white resistors such as platinum, nickel, and zinc. This color of gold is the desired color and the most resistant to scratching and breaking.


 This color is a very rare and desirable color. There are many degrees. This color is obtained by blending gold with copper and silver. It is worth mentioning that this type of gold is not expensive because of high copper and low cost.

the green

 Green gold is produced only by mixing it with silver. Depending on the proportion of silver in the gold, the color is green. The higher the percentage of silver the higher the color green.

 Gold ratios

 The term carat is used to denote the proportions of gold in alloys or alloys. The highest unit is 24 carats where the gold ratio is 100%. It is rare to have 24 carat gold and is the best in the market, because pure gold is soft and easy to scratch. The second type of gold in terms of ratio is 21 carats, and the ratio of gold can be calculated by dividing the carat on the top carat, which is 24. For the illustration, the carat is 21 carat divided on 24 and the result is 87.5% gold ratio, while the other metals are 12.5% . The gold is 21 carats of the most common gold and traded in the Arab countries, while less used in other countries to formulate gold such as the United States and Europe. The 18 carat and 14 carat gold are the most widely used in western countries.