10 indispensable mini services for startups and entrepreneurs

10 indispensable mini services for startups and entrepreneurs

Miniature services that are essential for startups
In every city, province or region, we can find a branch for a large company or a headquarters for a small startup company and maybe these companies have small factories if they offer tangible products, and there are many organizations, companies and initiatives that work even without headquarters and provide their services via the Internet, all these examples From companies and organizations that need to accomplish some small and vital tasks as quickly as possible, these services are what we call mini services.

Micro services are the smartest and fastest solution for completing tasks remotely, the business owner finds it more appropriate to rely on mini services to accomplish the tasks that he needs within a short time without distracting his efforts or the efforts of the team working with him on small tasks, but it is vital in relation to the workflow and needs to be performed by a person Talented to implement it as required.

These problems and small work requirements that usually fill the agenda of entrepreneurs due to tasks that do not take long and great effort to work on but do not know how to do them to the fullest or do not have time for that and at the same time do not want to distract the efforts of the work team on them, for example, it may stop Launching a project on designing a logo, or publishing content on your site stops due to some images and special designs for the content, this makes companies resort to rely on mini services to get things done quickly and easily online. We have now come to the heart of the matter. What services can independent companies request from microcredit?

Design services
Designs are the visual interface for companies and businesses in general. For example, the logo of your site or your company is worth spending some dollars, this is all along with design services in general, such as designing cover pictures for your company's Facebook pages or modifying an image to publish on your business pages on social networks or even in blogs that On your company’s blog, the visible part of your company will make up a large part of your customers ’impression, which is undoubtedly very important.

Web development services
There are a lot of talented freelance web developers coming out great business in the form of premium mini services at affordable prices, you can complete your work with ten or fifteen dollars, and here are some services as examples: -

Web design and development
Your company's website is no less important than its headquarters on the ground if not more important, especially if you provide your services online, sellers in five provide web design and development services (software aspects) and also maintain them if necessary.

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WordPress and its fields
WordPress is one of the most powerful web site management systems and this is undoubted, and the importance of this WordPress has caused the widespread spread of design services, programming and development of WordPress as mini services that do not cost a lot of money, also filling sites and publishing topics and articles in it is a widespread service as well, and this is what we will turn to in Next point, write.

Writing services
Whatever your company or business, you must have a readable interface, which you can get as a mini-service very easily, because written services will facilitate you to fill the website and blog of your company with articles targeting your customers and followers, also if you have a website or technical blog, or a specialized site that you can buy articles Or exclusive translations and blogs to enrich your site’s content, you should focus on the quality of service. Quality is the most important factor, especially with works such as design and programming, and of course writing, especially creative or literary writing, which requires language skills, including grammar and spelling.

Translation services
Translation is a service that everyone needs, companies and individuals as well. Maybe the average individual will not need a service such as design or writing service, but one day someone who needs to translate a text or document that will be difficult to understand whether he is a student in his field of study or a worker in his field of specialization, many talented people provide Professional translation service to and from English and French, as the two languages ​​are the most prevalent, and this does not mean that the service is exclusive to these two languages, but rather you will find most of the live and required languages ​​such as Hindi, German and Spanish which is without a doubt a special thing, if you compare the price of the translation service as a mini service with the price that You will be charged in any of the translation centers, we will find that the mini service is much cheaper and the quality is close, not to mention that choosing the mini service will help an Arab independent looking for work.

Mobile application programming
Have you thought about programming an app for your company on Android, iOS, or any other operating system but worried about the high cost? I think that micro services solved that problem, some independents can program you a simple application for your business with a simple cost with focusing the capabilities that you require and taking into account the proportionality of what you require and the capabilities of the application in general with the price that you agreed on, so that one of the parties does not oppress. Applications in the mobile era is a very effective tool to communicate with your customers and provide your services and inform them about your new.

Marketing and advertising
Marketing to your site, your company, or your company’s website itself can be done with less money than expected. For example, five times, many website owners offer to sell advertising space or promotional advertising text links on their sites, which will increase your site’s visits and thus reach your company’s services and products to a greater number of users. , You can also buy marketing services or manage advertising campaigns from a person who specializes and excels in his field and at the same time you will save a large amount, which will provide you benefit in one way or another. Social networks have a very important role in advertising your company and its services ... which we will discuss in the next point.

Social Network Management
As we mentioned in previous points, and as everyone knows, social networks are an important platform that every person wishing to succeed must rise to it, and this we note